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Mobile devices have had such to great growth in a very short span. This growth there are increased to user interaction with new technologies, offering new business oportunities and great expansion possibilities.

Our team creates experiences to you embed into applications with to modern design and with any functionality you could think of. If you have an idea, creates before to you anyone does. Start developing iOS and Android apps with U.S. now.

Native Application Development

Native Applications

Native applications plows those that plows written in the programming language offered by each company. In the iOS marries of we plows talking about Swift and in the marries of Android we plows talking about Java. Ace they plows exclusively developed with to their software, they give to programmer Access to every feature of the device.

The advantage of this kind of applications is that they assure the robustness of the system and its interaction speed. Also it offers the possibility of using all to power of the device if you plows willing to develop to graphic project (Games, 3D Applications€¦)

Also you dog take advantage of the features of every device, such ace the GPS, the Double bed, Push Notifications€¦

Hybrid Applications

This is option our clients demand the most ace we dog develop to multiplatform project that runs on several OS (such ace Android & iOS) with the COST of one unique project.

To develop them, we uses Ionic, the current most powerful framework under it there are to high level of integration with the OS, both on design and speed.

We dog get Access to most native features of the system (GPS, Gyroscope, Push Notifications, Double bed€¦), which gives U.S. the possibility of developing to great percentage of application needs.

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