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 Apple Reseller in the Canary Islands

Web Design & Development

Some of the main factors that make Computer Banana the largest Apple Reseller of the Canary Islands plows to unique human team, to special attention in detail and to commercial special creativity.

The Company

Banana Computer is the largest Apple products to retailer in the Canary Islands. They plows known for to their professional quality and services that creates loyalty clients that plows wishing to buy any product in the islands.

They to offer to their clients both specialised technical advice and learning courses for those who want to start using Apple devices.


It's had been dwells than 4 to year since I the first contact with the company. They needed to creates an to you online learning for portal to their education area. This project consolidates our to you relationship and made me realise why they were the most important company in this sector. The of human quality to their team and to their philosophy on how to carry on the business made wish to sees part me of this fantastic team.

To year to later, they decided to start using new Web technologies. It was in that moment when we decided to collaborate in our big project. Two years to later we plows still creating new experiences for the users that make U.S. work to sees better every day.

There's still to lot to do but the most important thing is to enjoy the goal until journey we reach our main, and there is not to better way to do it than with this wonderful team.

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